Viewing Mt. Fuji with Five Lakes?

Do you want to see Mt. Fuji? Come visit with us in wintertime (December – February). You have less chance of seeing Mt. Fuji in summer but have much larger chances of viewing its great figure with five lakes in winter. We took the following photos in two days under beautiful weather in January 2023. You may see the same or even better view by yourself if you have luck and walk 30 – 60 minutes from the parking. If the weather is bad, you may be sad by just seeing clouds. You can still enjoy hot springs, local foods (noodles, fruits), and other tourist stuff. Keep positive thinking, the weather will help you.

Come and enjoy the stunning mountain!!!

* If you want to climb Mt. Fuji, you can do it during summer. Because so many domestic/international tourists climb during a short period of time, it is super-crowded. Do not walk in shorts and T-shirt as Mt. Fuji is still a very high mountain(3776m). You get altitude sickness if you climb in a day, or get hyperthermia if you get wet. Be prepared if you climb.

Lake Kawaguchi with Mt. Fuji in the background.
From Lake Yamanaka
Dramatic Sunset and Lake Yamanaka
“Hoto” noodle
Tempura on rice
Hokey- Pokey ice cream is Kiwi but not Fuji food.
Early morning at serene Lake Yamanaka
View from the Panorama Platform
Lake Shojin was frozen.
This is the view on the 1,000 yen bill. (Lake Motosu)
Lake Motosu
Natural spring ponds (Oshino Hakkai) have a lot of dropped cell phones.
Sashimi on rice bowls. Soba is also good and famous in the area.
We had a gorgeous two-day trip.

We have more old photos.

From Kawaguchiko Bridge (December, 2022)
Lake Kawaguchi (April, 2021)
Lake Yamanaka (September, 2020)
Lake Yamanaka (September, 2020)
We see Mt. Fuji from hot spring tubs, some of which are day-use (January, 2020).