Chia Chen Lin and Renjie (NCREE, Taiwan) visited us (Dec. 28th).
Dr. Nam (Chungnam National University, Korea) visited us with his family (Dec. 27th).
Prof. Sang Whan Han (Hanyang U., Korea) visited us (Dec. 22nd).
Happy lunch with Tony Yang.
Prof. Tony Yang (UBC, Canada) had discussions with each student on his/her project after his lecture (Dec. 14th).
Our last specimen in 2023 was the precast CFST pile (Dec. 10th).
Ms. Chia Chen Lin took us to the Taipei Night Market (Dec. 2nd).
The 22nd SEEBUS meeting in Taipei (Dec. 1st – 2nd).
Nepal has many/many trails with great views of the Himalayas.
Old town of Bhaktapur
The 3rd International Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Post Disaster Reconstruction Planning (ICEE-PDRP 2023) was held in Bhaktapur (October 17-19).
Japan Pile茨城工場で,既製杭について丁寧に教えて頂きました.(September 28th)
Happy troweling!!!
un-Happy troweling???
Kanami and Rena joined their first concrete casting in a fabrication factory (September 25th).
Shristi Bhusal and Christy Huang finished their master’s degrees. Shristi’s parents joined the commencement but Christy has gone to London for work. (September 22nd)
Hamdeok Beach welcomes dogs as well.
Jeju has many good hiking trails.
Prof. Sang Whan Han (Hanyang Univ.) invited me to talk at the Earthquake Engineering Society of Korea in Jeju Island. (Sept. 14th)
Yopi, an ex-master student at TIT and currently a Ph.D. candidate at U. of Delft, was visiting the DPRI Uji campus in Kyoto U. (Sept. 12th)
Starting from Sakamoto (Lake Biwa), we hiked up to Mt. Hihei (848m) and down to Shugakuin (Kyoto) to eat Ramen at the Ichijoji Ramen Street.
We enjoyed BBQ at Katsura River (Kyoto) before the AIJ annual meeting.
Can you see Mt. Fuji in the background?
Three of us biked from the campus to Enoshima. (August 27th)
We took a pear bite at the orchard on our way back.
We had the 7th Tongji-TIT workshop (August 25th – 26th) on our campus. Priyana and Clarissa made great presentations.
Christy and Shristi had the final defense for their master’s degree. (July 26th)
We had the first on-campus BBQ in four years and were impressed with the food quality and friendly conversation.
2023年度フロンティア材料研究所学術賞受賞記念講演会 および先端無機材料共同研究拠点成果報告会が開催されました.
建築系では,髙瀬裕也先生(室蘭工業大学) 佐藤篤司先生(名工大)に講演して頂きました.(7月19日)
We loaded the last Bonded PCaPC rocking walls which waited for the loading more than two years.
We visited Fukuoka for the JCI annual meeting to present our papers. At night, we had Yakitori, shaved ice, Ramen, etc.
Prof. I. Imran (Inst. of Tech. Bandung), Prof. Z. T. Deger (Istanbul Technical U.), and Mr. R. Kuwabara (U. of Auckland) visited our group. Together with Prof. D. Mukai, we had lunch, a group discussion on seismic damage and design, then dinner. (June 27th)
David Mukai and his family (Wife Susan and Daughter Anna), Iswandi&Lucida Imran, Clarissa, and Mr.&Mrs. Kono had Soba lunch together (June 24th).
Prof. D. Mukai (U. of Wyoming) and his family stayed in TIT between June 12th and July 12th. He helped our students write JEES papers and joined the JCI annual meeting in Fukuoka.
Prof. Reagan Chandramohan (U.of Canterbury) talked about the recent advances in seismic design. (May 30th)

We demonstarted a compression test of high-strength concrete cyclinders in the open house of our campus. Each student played a moderator including Shristi・Clarissa・Priyana who presented in English.

Prof. Maskey and Prof. Motra (both from Tribhuvan U., Nepal) visited us at the Suzukake campus.
Prof. Reagan Chandramohan (Uof Canterbury, NZ) visited us with some of his friends.



Hotpot lunch by spicy ladies (Jan. 13)
Lunch meeting with Prof. D. Mukai (Jan. 12)
Visiting Mt. Fuji with Prof. D. Mukai (Jan. 8)




Viewing Mt. Fuji with Five Lakes?